The best reason to go on a Self-Catering Holiday:

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Tired when walking? Eat some different food!

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Walking and trekking is an excellent past time, you can pack a Ginsters and have a warm bitter in a worrying pub. What happens if you are going walking for a little longer? How about a real long trip, in a Ray Mears style?

A little walk to the pub is all I can handle

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The cheapest self-catering holidays

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With the credit crunch biting and financial forecasts of more pain to come, you might think that many people would be cancelling their holidays. However, it seems that taking a break from the usual routine is very important to people. They may be economising in other areas such as buying their groceries at the cheaper supermarkets, but they are still taking summer holidays. Read the rest of this entry »

Top 10 self-catering gadgets

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Surveys in the UK have shown that holidays are very important to people even in times of increasing financial difficulties. People may not be able to afford luxury all-inclusive holidays, but self-catering holidays offer a budget alternative. Of course self-catering holidays themselves can vary enormously in the type of accommodation on offer and the price. If you are intending to rent a luxury self-catering villa or apartment then you will probably find that all your needs have been catered for and you will only need to pack clothes, toiletries and some personal items. However Read the rest of this entry »