The Most Expensive Food Money Can Buy

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Food glorious food. The most transient of pleasures. But if there’s one thing the rich are good at, it’s forking out the dough for the nosh. Below are the top five raw ingredients so expensive that it seems a shame to eat ‘em.

5. Kobe Beef

Kobe beef, from carefully-reared Wagyu cattle, is considered the most succulent and tasty of all beef. With its beautiful marbled texture and taste, this meat can sell for up to $150/lb. Some have compared it to the meat equivalent of foie gras, or, for the less cultured, a smooth and velvety melt-in-your-mouth flavour explosion.

4. Saffron

Ladies and gentlemen, the world’s most expensive spice. Viewed as perhaps the most decadent foodstuff of them all (the ones following will at least fill your belly), Saffron’s cost can be attributed to the difficulty of its production. Over 70,000 Safron flowers are required to make a single lb. of Saffron (for those of you metrically inclined, that means 150 flowers for every single gram of the stuff). Depending on the quality and variety, Saffron can see for up to $5,000 per lb. Not bad when you consider it takes one man an entire day to harvest a single lb. of the stuff over an area roughly the size of a football pitch.

3. Yubari Melons

The humble melon, so often the go-to healthy snack for low-flying professionals, makes the number three spot on the list, specifically the Yubari variety. These japanese melons regularly sell for $150 each, but in 2008 one went for a fat and juicy $20,000. Yubari melons are traditionally given as gifts in wooden boxes, so if you do have any long-lost japanese relatives visiting soon, do not turn your nose up at the carefully packaged fruit they bring with them.

2. Caviar

Any James Bond aficionado will be familiar with Beluga caviar, that most prized of salty fish eggs. But if James Bond had been an aficionado of caviar, he would have asked for Almas (‘diamond’ in Persian) caviar. This pearly white variety of Beluga caviar comes from older Beluga sturgeons. The sturgeons can take up to 20 years to mature, but the Almas variety requires a fish of 60 – 80 years old, and is the most prized of all the most prized of salty fish eggs. This variety goes for $25,000/kg. So rare is this caviar that there is only one known outlet in the UK – the Caviar House & Prunier on London’s Piccadilly. The same restaurant is also home to the most expensive meal ever eaten in the UK, when two ladies gobbled down over £21,000 worth of salty fish eggs over the course of an afternoon.

1. Truffles

Truffles are a great social barometer. Ask someone what a truffle is. If they say ‘the soft strawberry marshmallowy thing in my pick n’ mix’, chances are they have never rubbed shoulders with someone who says ‘the king of all fungi’. Although there is no definitive answer for the question ‘What is the world’s most expensive food?’, the truffle would be the most likely to take the crown. A gigantic Italian White Alba truffle 1.5 kg in weight and bearing a striking resemblance to a bit of old, worn leather, recently sold for $160,000 dollars. Not bad for a mushroom you can fit in your pocket.

Top 10 Most Ridiculous Food Challenges

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Bushido’s Spicy Tuna Roll Challenge

Found in Charleston, South Carolina, this challenge is for people who like sushi served with chilies. The chilies range from mild to obscenely hot, so much so that before the challenge starts you have to sign a form saying you willing took part in the challenge and have to be over 18. No drinks such as milk can be drunk to cool the heat.

Carnivore Pizza Challenge

This 30-inch, 11-pound pizza topped with a variety of meats and chesses is found in Kennesaw, Georgia. The rules are simple: devour the entire pizza with a partner in under one hour (without vomiting!).

The Great Steak Challenge

This steak feast is found in Baltimore, Maryland. Eat 7 different steaks and win $140! The downside is if you fail to eat every last piece, you have to pay $140 for the meal.

Firebrand Chili Challenge

Springfield, Illinois, Eat as many bowls of chili as possible. What does the chili taste like? Well, some have compared it to lava with the chili oil burning their insides. So you’re guaranteed heat.

Drink a Gallon of Malt Milkshake

This would be a fun yet very hard challenge. Do you think you can drink five full cups of the thickest most creamy milkshake you will ever drink in under 30 minutes? Take a trip to Crown Candy Kitchen in Saint Louis, Missouri if you think you’re up for the challenge!

Four Horsemen Burger

Found in San Antonio, Texas, this is quite literary ‘the burger from hell’, topped with four of the hottest chilies in the world. 25 minutes of excruciating pain and five minutes of no soothing drinks will get your name on the wall of fame.

The Kitchen Sink Challenge

For anyone who loves ice cream, topped with mound of whipped cream and topping, then take a trip to the San Francisco Creamery and take on the ice cold challenge.

Suicide Six-Wing Challenge

New York, Brooklyn is home to the hottest chicken wings, know as suicide six wing challenge. Simply eat six wings – sounds easy, right? There’s a reason you only have to eat six – they’re hotter than hell!

180-Oyster Challenge

For seafood, especially oyster loves go to New Orleans and take on the oyster challenge (it’s all in the name!).

Phall Curry

New York, Brick Lane is home to the hottest curry ever created. In fact, this curry was created as a dare and can only be cooked wearing a gas mask!

Top 5 Worst Fictional Self-Caterers

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Dracula “mmmmmm general human things – nom nom nom.”

Dracula is a vampire and vampires are perceived as sexual symbols of lust but they are also supremely bad self-caterers, if you count ‘murder’ as bad self-catering. The lack of blood bars mean that unfortunately for Dracula he cannot come home from a night of work and sit in a dark and dodgy bar during the middle of the day and order a nice pitcher of chilled veiny blood with a dollop of clot.

Hannibal “mmmm brains – nom nom nom.”

Hannibal, the poor sod, only wanted chianti with a bit of chopped liver. Unfortunately for him, many if not all restaurants do not cater for his desired cuisine – homo sapien. Hannibal has to rely on making friends in his own inimitable way.

Doctor Who “mmmm…fish fingers and custard – nom nom nom”

There are many Facebook groups such as the ‘FISH FINGERS AND CUSTARD‘ page in particular, which insists on being titled with capital letters by its creator. These websites merely illustrate how insane this combination of food is, which is why it is unavailable in tinned versions or in local cafes. In the Doctor’s defence, however, eating fish fingers and custard together does not make him the worst self-caterer in this top 5 because he can make it himself at home and he can buy the ingredients at his local Budgens or Tesco Metro.

Edward Cullen “mmmm….nothing – nom nom nom”

In many people’s opinions, the ‘Twilight Saga’ is stupid and Stephanie Meyer should never have written it in the first place. However, her writing has given us another character to include in the top 5 worst fictional self-caterers. What makes Mr. Cullen particularly terrible is the fact that he does not eat anything and when he does he we never witness it. He is unable to ‘nom’, and a life without lemonade and grapes is shown in the first book where he sits with Bella in the restaurant and doesn’t order anything. Yet he is fascinated by watching her eat. Weird, huh?

Mr. and Mrs. Spoon “…”

Mr Spoon is from the children’s show ‘Button Moon’ and he is included in this top 10 alongside his wife, Mrs. Spoon, because they don’t even have a digestive system or a mouth, thus making them, probably, the worse self-caterers on this list. They have the inability to enjoy or even sample food and drink.