A Beginners Guide to Gourmet Salts

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Salt may seem like one of the most basic of seasonings, but over recent years a new trend for gourmet salts has emerged. Foodies and chefs have fallen in love with the vast variety of flavours and textures, which can be used to jazz up food and bring new dimensions to even the most simple of dishes. In this blog, we look at gourmet salts from across the globe and discover how to make the most of these simple yet exciting flavourings in your kitchen. Read the rest of this entry »

Family Fun in Copenhagen

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Named for the Danish phase København meaning merchant’s harbour, the city of Copenhagen was founded in 1167. In the Medieval era, the town became an centre for trade and became the capital of Denmark in 1417. Today, Copenhagen is known for being clean and safe as well as offering some of the highest quality living standards in the world, blending history and modern convenience in a pleasant urban setting. With Copenhagen’s tourism growth almost doubling that of other major European cities in recent years, we look at some of the reasons that families are choosing to holiday there. Read the rest of this entry »

Top Three Things to Do in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Once a small town where fishing was the main industry, over the past 40 years Mexico’s Playa del Carmen has developed into a popular holiday resort with a glamorous and trendy, yet laid-back vibe. Located just 40km away from Cancun airport and with an annual average temperature of around 26°C, the seaside city makes the perfect choice for a relaxed escape to the sun.  Playa del Carmen has a beautiful beach, where you can snorkel or try water-sports such as kayaking or parasailing, while in the nearby area there are numerous things to see and do. If you a planning a visit to Playa del Carmen this year, we recommend that you add the following three attractions to your holiday “to do” list. Read the rest of this entry »

Cheese? Yes, Please!

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The trouble with ordering a cheese board when dining out is that this dish has such a great potential to disappoint. It’s always a let down when you discover that what masquerades on the menu as a cheese board is, in fact, a greasy slice of Cheddar and an under-ripe Brie wedge, presented with a few withered grapes – and yet, this savoury option, when done well, can be an appetising delight for the senses. Instead of relying on restaurants to serve you up with the perfect cheese plate, we show you how to do it yourself. Read the rest of this entry »

The Joys of Autumn in New England

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Even if you have not yet visited the north-eastern U.S region of New England, it is likely that
you’ve seen memorable images of the richly coloured displays of autumn foliage that the region
is famous for. With the cool nights and warm days of the season, the deciduous trees that are
prevalent in the area turn into a natural wonder, their leaves transforming from green to fiery hues
of russet, gold and orange. Every year, thousands of people travel to New England to engage
in “leaf peeping” and discover this simple joy of autumn for themselves. We take a closer look,
with an overview of the best places to see the fall-foliage and the best autumn events in each of
New England’s six states. Read the rest of this entry »