What to See & Do in Anchorage, Alaska

Posted on: August 27th, 2013 Posted by

As the most northerly city in the United States, Anchorage in Alaska has a unique position and fascinating setting which sets it apart from other destinations. With a subarctic climate, winter temperatures reach a chilly average of -11.4ºC, however, during summer, the city enjoys comfortable highs of around 18ºC. Anchorage then, is not your typical sun, sand and beach vacation spot, but it does have a lot to offer to anyone who wants to see something a little bit different during this year’s holidays. Here are some of our top picks to see in and near the city. Read the rest of this entry »

Essentials To Pack For A Walking Holiday

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At home or abroad, walking and hiking are fantastic ways to discover new places and explore hidden corners, and a growing number of families and couples now dedicate all or part of their holidays to these activities. Usually, when you are walking, you’ll need to carry a certain amount of supplies and equipment with you – even if you are only taking day hikes and returning to your hotel or self-catering apartment each evening. Excluding the basics like supportive walking boots and a comfortable, roomy rucksack, we’ve come up with a list of smaller essentials that are worth packing for every trip. These are the items that you might be tempted to leave behind to minimise the weight that you have to carry – but trust us, if you need to use any one of them, you’ll be glad that you listened to our advice! Read the rest of this entry »

A Family Break in Scarborough, Yorkshire

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Located on the North Sea coast of Yorkshire, Scarborough is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK. Some even boast that the town is the oldest (and best) British sea-side resort. With a varied climate which is not too hot in summer and mild during winter, Scarborough is a perfect all year round destination for a relaxed family break. For anyone planning a trip to the town, we’ve put together a list of suggestions of where to go and what to see during a stay there. Read the rest of this entry »

Three of the Best Free Attractions in Dallas

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From its humble beginnings as a trading post established in 1839, Dallas has grown to become the 9th largest city (by population) in the entire United States. The Texan city was originally designed by John Neely Brown, who would probably not recognise it today, though he would surely be proud of its progress. Dallas is a young and modern city which combines that well known “Southern Charm” with a healthy dose of forward-thinking – the current plan is to turn it into the greenest city on earth with environmental planners running tree-planting projects and more. For visitors, there is certainly plenty to see and do – so we’ve picked out three of the best free and low-cost attractions to show you what’s on offer! Read the rest of this entry »