Ways To Make Your Flight More Enjoyable

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Whether you are a frequent flyer or take one vacation each year, getting to where you are going can at times be stressful and uncomfortable. It doesn’t have to be that way however, and if you pack the right attitude and follow our tips, you might even start seeing the flight as part of your holiday.

* Since most budget airlines not longer provide meals during the flight, and the online selection of snacks is normally rather boring and expensive, packing your own snack to eat on board is a great way to save money. Taking food through check in is not a problem, providing you remember not to pack knives or other sharp object and purchase your drinks in the departure lounge as there are restriction in place as to the quantities of liquids that can be carried through security. Get as creative as you like with the food you pack, as long as it isn’t smelly or messy – the other occupants of the plane might not appreciate it too much if you start opening tins of sardines! Make delicious sandwiches and wraps, take fresh or dried fruit and nuts, and anything else you fancy to stave off those airborne hunger pangs!
* Pack a few moist wipes in your bag. These come in handy in a whole variety of situations and are great if you feel the need to refresh yourself a bit before landing.
* While dressing for comfort might sound like something your granny does, you’ll be able to enjoy your flight much more if you think ahead about what you wear. The temperature of planes can fluctuate, so dress in light layers, which you can take off or put on if you feel too hot or cold. An extra pullover, hooded sweater or cardigan will keep you snug, and if you want to take it off, it’ll fold up to make a lovely soft pillow! Shoes that you can slip on and off easily are a bonus, particularly if your feet swell when you fly, and avoid any clothes that feel restrictive, or have large buckles or fastenings, which could dig in when you are seated for a long duration.
* If you like to catch a few zs when you are travelling, consider packing an eye-mask and ear plugs. These two simple purchases will increase your comfort significantly – you’ll be thankful of the ear plugs if you happen to be on a flight packed with screaming youngsters! If the noise of flights is a real bother, and you travel on a regular basis, you may like to invest in sound-cancelling headphones, somewhat pricey, but a perfect way to create a haven of silence. Some people also like the inflatable travel pillows that are widely available to provide a support for your neck. If you invest in one of these, make sure you try it before you fly – you want a cushion that won’t deflate as you use it, and it’s best to avoid anything that is too big, as your fellow passengers won’t be impressed if you infringe on their space.
* Many people like to use the “lost time” of their flight to catch up on reading, and the latest technology of e-books means that it’s even easier to ensure you have something keep you amused. Whether you choose electronic books or printed pages, pick something that you never have time to read at home, and loose yourself in some fantastic fiction. Other popular ideas for keeping yourself entertained include an i-Pod or similar device packed full of interesting downloads and music to put you in a great mood.
* Bach Rescue Remedy is a fantastic natural medicine which is great for anyone who suffers nerves/jitters when flying. Available in liquid and pastille form, the blend of floral and plant essences can be taken before you even reach the airport, helping you to relax and enjoy the start of your holidays.

Planning A Hen Party With A Difference

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Over recent years the trend for traditional style hen parties has taken a downturn, and brides to be are looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate their forthcoming marriage.

Luxury spa getaways are a one popular alternative to male strippers and raucous behaviour, but those on a budget may find that the cost can be prohibitive – a nights stay in one of London’s top spa hotels will cost several hundred pounds per person, as well as additional fees for treatments, meals and drinks, which can all add up.  An excellent alternative to booking into a leading health resort is to have a DIY indulgence weekend. Easy to plan, bank balance friendly and perfectly girly, this is a perfect way to celebrate with friends.

Normally, the arrangements for a hen party are made by the bride’s friends, and if this is you- don’t panic. Take the pressure off by delegating jobs which make the most of each individual’s skills : the girl who is a devil for detail could plot accommodation, the chick who is a whizz in the kitchen could arrange meals, while the movie buff could pick out some favourites for your viewing pleasure.
To make your life simple, we’ve divided planning into main areas, with a few suggestions to get your imagination fired up – just modify them to suit your bride’s personality for a unique touch!

* Accommodation

Self catering used to mean basic, sparsely furnished  accommodation, but things have changed. High quality, deluxe cottages can be found all over the UK, many of which have features and facilities which you would normally expect to find in 5 star hotels: jacuzzis, heated indoors pools and even private saunas. The choice is extensive, which means that you can tailor your break to suit the bride’s interests. Think about whether you want to retreat to a charming countryside cottage and wallow in tranquillity, or tuck yourselves away in a sophisticated city apartment, where you can hit the shops or take in a show at the theatre.

* Treatments

While spending a couple of hours in the beauty salon is a real treat, it is easy to enjoy  that luxurious vibe to your self catering accommodation. Major beauty brands such as Sanctuary offer gorgeous products designed to bring that spa sensation home. Look out for mud wraps(messy but fun), facial treatments, waxing kits and manicure/pedicure sets.
It is worth bearing in mind that if your party weekend falls directly before the wedding, you should probably avoid anything which might cause irritation to your skin – after all no one wants to be remembered as the girl with the red-blotchy face in the wedding photos.

* Food

The good thing about self catering accommodation is that it gives you great flexibility about when and where you eat. If you are lucky enough to have an enthusiastic cook with you, then make the most of their skills and enjoy relaxed meals in your pyjamas. If you prefer eating out check out one of the many online restaurant guides for customer feedback and reviews of eating-places in the areas, and remember to book a table, particularly if you are in a large group, to avoid disappointment. Even if you plan to dine-out for all your meals, remember to stock the fridge with plenty of snacks and treats – whether they are healthy fruit nibbles or gooey chocolate delights is down to you to decide…

* Drinks

Champagne is a classic drink for celebratory occasions, but you can add a special touch to your hen party weekend by taking a a tip from the Sex and The City girls and indulging yourselves with delicious cocktails. Thousands of cocktail recipes can be found on the web, so stock up on a few bottles and get mixing! You may also want to pack a few of your favourite hang-over cures – just in case.

* Entertainment

If you are planning on spending most of your weekend relaxing in your accommodation, pack a stack of films to watch during downtime. Romantic comedies and light-hearted flicks are a good choice, unless of course your bride to be is a horror fanatic!
A good selection of music  is also handy : a few relaxing mixes to soothe your senses during treatments, and something more upbeat for party-time.