Five of The World’s Finest Beaches

When the sun is shining, and the sky is blue, there is nothing better than taking a vacation and hitting the beach. Whether you prefer sun-bathing on a tranquil sandy shore, or taking part in high-energy activities, we’ve hunted down some of the world’s finest beaches for your contemplation.

1.      Lanikau Beach, Hawaii

With a name which translates to “heavenly sea” Lanikau Beach is one of 100 tourist beaches in Hawaii. The beautiful palm-lined bay stretches along a mile of coastline, and is covered with soft, white-gold sand, with gentle, warm water making Lanikau into a paradise on earth. Lanikau beach is considered to be excellent for swimmers, as the bay is protected by a natural off-shore reef, while those who enjoy watersports can get involved with kayaking, windsurfing and sailing, along with many other activities.

2.      Coral Bay, Cyprus

Located to the North of the popular tourist resort, Paphos, Coral Bay is a spectacular 600m beach, which is watched over by matching headlands at each side of the bay. Close to the beach, visitors will find plenty of bars, restaurants and shops, which makes Coral Bay an excellent choice for families with kids. The safe, still waters of the beach are popular with swimmers of all ages and the bay is a proud holder of a EU Blue Flag.

3.      Playa De Las Arena, Tenerife

Discover beaches that aren’t golden, but are still truly stunning, when you holiday in Tenerife. Most of the natural beaches on Tenerife have black sand, due to the volcanic residues from which they formed. One of the best beaches on the islands is Playa De Las Arena, in the village of the same name. The small beach is set in dramatic rocky coastline, and is quite breath-taking to see in person for the first time – photos in holiday brochures don’t describe the sensation of sun and sea-air on your skin!

4.      Squeaky Beach, Australia

Perhaps you fancy something completely different – in which case, maybe you’d like to visit the amazing Squeaky Beach, in the secluded Wilson’s Promontory National Park. Popular with surfers, the Squeaky Beach is so-called because the quartz sand makes a strange noise when you walk across it. In the nearby area, there are many other points of interest such as rock formations, as well as Australia’s flora and fauna for you to discover at leisure.

5.      Porthcurno, Cornwall

Of course, it is possible to enjoy gorgeous beaches without travelling outside of the UK. Porthcurno Beach in Cornwall could quite easily be compared to a Spanish or French beach, with it’s golden sands and crystal clear waters. The idyllic spot is perfect for a romantic picnic, as it is quiet and not generally mobbed by tourists. Close by, visitors will find Penzance and St Ives, both fascinating seaside towns with plenty of history, art galleries and shops.

These are just five beaches, which stand out for their beauty and charm – have we selected your favourite, or can you think of any we’ve missed out?

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