Food on a self-catering holiday in South Africa

Europe in December and January. Cooold!!

This weekend, in the UK at least, we’re going to be hit by a biting north wind that will plummet us into proper winter. However, down in the summer hemisphere, summer’s just getting going, so in our SCB blog this week we’re going to talk about food to make you feel all summery and what people pack when self catering in sunny South Africa.

What to pack depends on where you are going in South Africa and what time of the year you going. Summer eating and winter eating are as different as bush eating and beach eating.

Look outside – is it really as nice as South Africa at this time of the year?

But regardless of where and when you are going, no one wants to really be tied down with complicated meals while on holiday. So here are a few easy ideas to make your holiday a success.

Summertime food
Cereal – you can get those 8 packs of small little boxes which is a great idea, especially if you have kids as they have a variety.
Long-life milk.
Yoghurt – the six packs are better than the big tubs as they make for a nice snack

Not apples and pears, is it?

Cold meat
Sandwich spreads – like peanut butter or bovril
Sandwiches are perfect for quick lunches before you head back down to the beach or can be easily packed if you heading off for a game drive.

Braai meat – no summer holiday is complete without a braai. It’s almost an unspoken rule. So make sure you pack, boerewors chops and whatever other meat you like.

Braai meat – like a good Australian Barbie!!

You will need salads to go with the braai so get some potatoes, beans are easy to keep and perfect for a bean salad and if you didn’t travel too far or there is a shop nearby then normal salad greens.

No braai is complete without snacks, so make sure you take along chips, peanuts, biltong, pretzels and of course, the dip!

For after dinner you can go for ice cream or even a tin of fruit salad.

Then theres the basics like:

Tomato Sauce;

The kids and I went away a few months ago and we one bag of groceries. It was the coolest holiday we have had. We had scrambled eggs for breakfast and had a late afternoon braai for dinner each night and at left overs the next day for lunch. It was perfect and so simple.

I remember going away when I was younger with my uncle and cousins. My uncle would go out and collect fresh mussels and low tide and then braai them – just like that with some butter and garlic! Was total heaven in a shell!

Mussels heaven in a shell – if they’re safe!!

Winter food

Winter breakfasts have to be bacon and egg. Especially if you are in the bushveld. There is nothing better than getting back from a game drive and making a full breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and sausages.
While you can still braai anytime, anywhere you have to have a potjie at least one night while you are away in winter. So you will need to remember to take stewing meat and lots of veggies and rice. If you make a big pot you can eat left overs for the next few days!

A traditional South African Stew – looks warming!!

Lots of comfort food also needs to be packed – things like

Hot chocolate;
Red wine;

My best friend and I decided to drive through the Kruger National Park during one of our term holidays. We bought food as we went along but the evenings were the best. Sitting in the cool winter breeze around the fire waiting for the potjie to be ready and drinking cheap red wine!

Red wine and meat – hmmmmm!

Where do you hail from? Do you have any local food that you can’t live without when you’re away on holiday, why not let us know in the comments page.

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