Five Spooky Locations for Halloween Holidays

Halloween or All Hallows Eve is celebrated on the 31st of October and is traditionally the night when spooks, ghouls and witches roam the earth. Instead of staying at home waiting for trick or treaters, why not make this Halloween one to remember, by taking a break to a spooky location and seeing if you can spot a ghost or two! Here are our top  favourite five haunted places in the United Kingdom, where ghosts and mysteries abound!


To most visitors, Derby may appear to be your usual  East Midlands city – however locals will soon set you straight about that. Derby considers itself to be the ghost capital of Britain, with over 1,00 recorded supernatural sightings.  Spend Halloween in the City of Derby and you’ll find a selection of organised paranormal tours to join, or create your own itinerary and visit the locations which most intrigue you.  Derby Gaol is a favourite starting point for many visitors as it is free to enter – incidentally the museum is owned by Richard Felix of Most Haunted fame.


The walled city of Chester was first established by the Romans and has a colourful history, so perhaps it is not surprising that this is another city who vies for the title of Spookiest City in Britain. Amongst the haunted locations in the city you’ll find a bookshop (Booklands) which has an ancient crypt which is said to host the spirit of a boy who fell to his death there thousands of years ago, and a French restaurant where the ghost of a Victorian fireman.

Devil’s Bridge in Wales

If you fancy meeting Old Nick himself, what better place to do it than at Devil’s Bridge near Aberystwyth. The beautiful waterfall seems an odd place to have a reputation for spooks, and even inspired the poet William Wordsworth to wax lyrical on its charm. Folklore and legend say that the devil built the bridge in an attempt to trick an old woman into giving him her soul.


Some say that Scotland doesn’t come spookier than Edinburgh, with its underground city and history of plague deaths, though others will say that Stirling is far more likely to give you the creeps. Stirling Castle is an imposing fortress which dominates the city, and many workers, and visitors, claim to have encountered spirits there. The Castle is thought to be home to not only a green lasy, but a pink lady, while the Valley Cemetary will send chills down your spine!

County Donegal, Northern Ireland

Located in County Donegal, Beltany Stone Circle is a stunning spot to visit for a Halloween experience with a difference. Dating back thousands of years, to the neolithic period, there is archaeological evidence that the stones were used for religious and spiritual purposes. Several miles away from the nearest town, it is worth taking a walk up the hill – you may not come across any spirits, but the view is worth the effort.

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