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Self-Catering-Breaks.com is now pleased to be able to offer a new Sponsored Listing Service to get your property on the first page.

Step1. Register for free - add your property
Register here for free and you gain access to our property listings. You can add as many adverts as you wish.

Step2. Login and upgrade
When you add a new property your advert will make it into the listings but you might not be on the first page. If your property advert is listed on the first page in the results you are much more likely to get enquiries.
We now offer a premium service, you can login and upgrade your advert and pay a small fee to be on the front page to get your property noticed.

What does it cost?

The www.self-catering-breaks .com paid listing model is not a fixed price like many other sites. Sponsored listing prices start from as little as £19.99

Why Do it?

Well Just like Google being on the first page will greatly increase your visitors and therefore enquiries and bookings. Meaning more revenue for your property at a fixed price.

What are we offering?

We are offering 10 Listing Slots on Every Front Page of the site that we have, So for example we will have 10 slots in 'United Kingdom' 10 in 'England' 10 in 'Devon' and so on. By upgrading to one of these 'slots' your property will be fixed in place for 12 months on the front page. You then have the opportunity to upgrade again to make the upgrades equal for all users after the 12months is up. For example if you have a property somewhere on the LONDON apartments pages you can now list it on the first page for LONDON apartments - This way you are guaranteed that your property will always appear on that first page; and we know all the users who are search always click on adverts on the front page!

How Do I get a paid Listing?

Paid listings will be offered via an 'Upgrade' button in your 'Advertiser Control Panel' - You choose where you want your property to appear and it is priced accordingly to the location or property type. All payments are taken via our fully integrated and secure 'PayPal' system; you can pay securely via 'PayPal' or any major Credit or debit card. Once your payment is approved (Usually within 2 minutes) your listing will appear in your chosen location. Please remember we only have 10 slots per location so we operate on a 'first come first serve basis' Once the slots are full that's it for 12 Months.

I have paid but not been listed?

Your payment may have been declined. Please try again.

Upon Successful payment you will get a unique reference number from the payment system. If you get this and your property is still not listed please email us with the reference number and we will resolve this for you.

So your just another paid listing Site?

NO. We still offer free listings, But we give people the opportunity to have an enhanced advert.

So what has changed?

Nothing. We still offer all the functionality to upload your property, Descriptions, pictures and we still offer a free calendar function to allow you to manage your property. We DO NOT charge for any of this and never will. Take a look at some other sites - They charge you to list and then charge for pictures or amendments to your site and to have a calendar function.


We now have a full time team supporting the site. We offer support via email for any technical difficulty or issue that our property publishers may have. We aim to answer your query on the day of receipt Monday to Friday - 9AM to 5PM GMT

Will you load our property for us?

We are a fully self service web site with a Wizard driven upload system. You know your property better than us and it takes about 10 minutes to create a basic listing, in some cases longer depending on how many pictures you have and how long a description of the property you want to enter. Top TIP. The better the description and the more pictures you have the more chance you will have of getting enquiries.

If an agency or individual wants to load multiple properties we can offer service to take the data in 'CSV' or 'XML' format and load it into the system. We reserve the right to charge for this service on an individual basis.


Upgrade between 20th October 2008 and 31st January 2009 and receive a 25% discount on the upgrade price.

How do i upgrade my listing?

1) Login to your account and you will see the upgrade button to click
2) The upgrade page will display all upgrade options available to you.
3) Choose the option you wish to upgrade and click the green upgrade button
4) After clicking upgrade you will be take to PayPal to make a Safe and Secure payment.
5) Once your payment has been completed you will return to your account and your property will instantly be boosted to the front page!

Upgrade Safe and Securely with Self-Catering-Breaks and PayPal

Please click the PayPal logo below to read about making a secure payment for your upgrade.
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