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New Mexico is one of the states in the United States and can be found in the southwestern area of the country. It is also the state known to have the highest population of Hispanics that are both immigrants and descendants of Spanish Americans. New Mexico ranks third among the states with the highest number of Native Americans whose tribes are mostly Navajos and Pueblos. The culture here is diverse with influences from Spain, Mexico and American Indian. It is also the least populated state due to its climate.

New Mexico offers more than just beautiful landscapes. It is also home to numerous art communities that range to various displays of work of arts from glass, sculpture, and paintings by Georgia O’Keefe. There are also numerous attractions such as parks, museums, festivals, fairs, and so on. Here, you can find the Smokey Bear Historical Park, National Atomic Musuem, and also the War Eagles Musuem. These are only some examples of places that tourists should visit while in New Mexico.

New Mexico is also known for its festivals that promotes art during the summer. On this time, there are always different art festivals that can be seen throughout the state that features local, regional, and even national works of art. There are tours that allow tourists to visit different art studios to meet and greet the artists as well as see firsthand how their works of art are created. Aside from these fantastic museums and art studios, there are also ice caves, monasteries and even landing sites of flying saucers to be seen.

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