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If you’re going to Italy, you should consider going to Sicily. This is one of those places that, when you talk to the locals, you will get the VIP treatment whether you’re asking for directions or asking about its history.

Sicily is a picturesque town where your senses will be treated to beautiful lines of orchards, vineyards, mountainous scenery and a magnificent vista of the sea. If you want to see a spectacular live show of a one-of-a-kind display of pyrotechnics, Mt. Etna will give it to you up close if you dare.

Going up this famous volcano is an adventure in itself already. Visiting the nearby towns where you can see churches; plantations that grow nuts, apples and grapes; and old architectural houses that still look magnificent is another interesting part of your climb up the mountain.

When you get near enough, you will be treated to a spectacular view of small eruptions of the volcano where you literally see lava flowing and sparks flying.

All over Sicily are structures that will simply take your breath away. Check out the Palermo Cathedra, Palazzo dei Normanni where the Palatine Chapel displays grand Byzantine artistry, Cefalu Cathedral, the Linear Theater in Siracusa and a host of other great construction works-of-art that you would love to see.

For accommodations, there are the usual hotel lodgings that you can choose from, and then there are the more magnificent mansions and villas in different settings. Your best option is to go with the villas that are located beside vineyards. It’s a great view to wake up in the mornings to.

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