Bournemouth Airport Cancels Flights Thursday Due to Volcanic Ash

Abi Bray

As most people have more than likely heard, all flights in and out of Bournemouth Airport were canceled due to a cloud of ash from an Icelandic volcano eruption.  Air Traffic Control Service confirmed that there were no flights allowed in or out of the airspace from 1200 BST on Thursday to 0700 BST on Friday. However, people are suggesting that the airspace could remain closed longer.

During all of this the, Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance was grounded as well. Passengers have been advised to contact their airlines to check out more information about upcoming flights. Although flights are suppose to restart today, it is possible that flights could be delayed even longer.

Thus, the airport suggests that passengers call ahead and find out if their plane has been reschedule before heading down to the airport. People should also contact their airline when trying to find out rebooking or refund information. Most airlines are going to handle each person on a case-by-case basis.

The decision to cancel flights came amid fears that the ash could actually cause damage to aircraft engines.  So far, every airport in the UK has been affected by this event. In fact, airspace has also been closed in the Republic of Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Norway.

It was the UK’s air traffic control service, also known as Nats, that suggested that the restrictions on airspace were not likely to end on Friday. They said that it was very unlikely that the situation over England would be able to improve in the foreseeable future.

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