David Cameron is the 53rd Prime Minister but Will He Last

Sharon Miller

As many people have already heard, David William Donald Cameron has now become the 53rd Prime Minister of the UK. However, now another pressing question is being asked – How long will he be able to hold this role? At the age of 43, he is the youngest Prime Minister since the Earl of Liverpool back in 1812. He is also the first coalition government leader for seven decades.

Given the very fragile nature of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat alliance, many are now wondering how long he will hold this spot. Some even wonder if he will be able to set a new record for the shortest period in office. This is a record that is currently held by George Canning, whose term lasted only 119 days back in 1827.

Cameron is likely to strike a very different tone to that of what Gordon Brown did, and he is not without his past problems. Some sources have pointed out that Cameron struggled at his prep school. He also started off badly at Eton, when he was almost expelled after a drug scandal.

Either way, after days of uncertainty following the general election, the Conservative Party Leader has been installed as the new prime minister. Liberal leader Nick Clegg is set to become deputy prime minister under the deal. This gives his party up to six seats in the Cabinet and the Conservatives a working majority in the House of Commons.

George Osborne has been confirmed as the new Chancellor of the exchequer. The former party leader, William Hague will be assuming the key role of foreign secretary.

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