British Airways Celebrates 50 Millionth Customer at Heathrow Airport

Stewart Perry

Reports now show that the well known airline, British Airways, has just recently welcomed its 50 millionth customer through the doors at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5. This news comes as the very busy summer holiday season moves into full swing.

Terminal 5, which is in its third summer of operation, has become an acclaimed facility by many travelers all over the world. The Terminal is now looking forward to launching even further improvements.

This terminal has helped to really transform operations at Heathrow Airport. It continues to give customers the best travel experience that they can expect at one of the busiest and most congested international airports.

Reports show that Terminal 5′s efficiency and levels of customer service have really helped to raise punctuality to record levels. British Airways has improved its punctuality at Heathrow from an average of around 50 percent of on-time departures each month when it was split in Terminal 1 and 4, to an average of around 80 percent since being located all in Terminal 5. On many days, the airline can achieve 90 percent of on-time departures at Terminal 5.

British Airways also now has the best baggage performance of any major European hub-based carrier thanks to Terminal 5. Arriving bags are also often waiting on the carousels to be collected by customers as they make their way through passport control. These overall levels of punctuality and baggage operations will improve even further when a new £300 million third part of the terminal opens for customers in early summer 2011. This part of the Terminal will be known as T5 C.

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