Sunshine Is Now Officially the Third Housemate Evicted From Big Brother

Dave Bond

Just recently Sunshine became the third housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother house. This 24-year-old medical student was able to survive an earlier eviction, but could not this time. This time she was up against two other females, Shabby and Caoimhe.

Sunshine actually got 42 percent of the telephone votes from the viewers. This was just slightly more than Dublin girl Caoimhe. Sunshine, who is actually from Peterhorough, told host Davina McCall she thought she was nominated to leave because she did not share her crisp.

When talking about the reaction from the crowd, Sunshine said that she thought it would be worse. Thus, in this regard, she thought that it was alright. Before Sunshine left the house, fellow housemate Ben had to also perform a 90 second standup routine to the Big Brother crowd. If he was able to complete this, he would win a luxury shop for the house.

Ben went on to talk about things like mobile homes and having similar hair to Margaret Thatcher. The good news for the house was that Ben was successful in his task. However, for anyone that was watching, viewers know that they had to wait five minutes to see his efforts due to a technical fault on Channel 4.

Most people were not shocked that Sunshine was the one to leave the house. Although, others did think that Caoimhe had a chance of getting kicked out as well. Now only time will tell what is in store for the people left in the Big Brother house as the show rolls on.

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