The Latest Nominations for Eviction Are Announced on Big Brother

Dave Bond

Although someone has just recently been voted out of the house, more people are already up for the next eviction. It now appears that John James will once again have to face the public vote. However, this time he will be joined by Mario and Rachel.

John James was able to survive the eviction from Big Brother last week, but will he be able to do the same thing again this week? Of course, it has come as no shock to anyone that Mario is also up for eviction this week. He has become increasingly unpopular due to his mood swings.

Of course, all of these housemates have one last chance to save themselves. This will come with the save and replace task. This will allow the housemate that wins to replace his spot with another housemate. Although it allows them to stay on the show for another week, it does make them unpopular with the housemate that they choose.

Most people seem to agree that Mario will be trying his hardest to win this next save and replace task. This could be due to the fact that Mario thinks that he may be the next to go, because of the way he has been acting.

Many do think that John James will be saved this time around. This is because he is still second favorite to win the show on many polls. However, this does not mean that the public will not vote him off, crazier things have happened. Thus, it should come down to Rachel or Mario being evicted. However, nothing can be set in stone until people see who win the save and replace task.

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