Big Brother Housemates Given a Word Puzzle to Solve

Dave Bond

Just recently the Big Brother housemates were given a word puzzle to solve from Davina McCall. Apparently the members of the house had to identify the answers to nine clues in order to win a Thai takeaway for the group.

Apparently all nine of the clues were questions about current housemates. As a kind of bonus prize, if the housemates could correctly identify a central, vertical word in the puzzle, they would win the use of an oversized 3D puzzle game for a limited time.

The housemates did solve the word puzzle. They even identified the central word. Thus, the members of the house were treated to a Thai takeaway. Also, as promised, they were given the use of an oversized 3D puzzle game.

Of course, recently a lot of people are suggesting that the housemates are kind of losing their marbles a bit. Some say that their feelings were reconfirmed after John Jame went into the diary room and told Big Brother that if anyone deserves to win, it’s Josie.

Later Jon James was asked to use one word to describe Josie, and he just said perfect. Of course, in the bedroom Josie went on to tell housemates that her breath is like a portaloo. She then went on to say that she is glad that John James’ breath smells too. Now if that is not love, what is?

In the diary room John James was also asked if he is in love with Josie. To this he laugh and said that it is difficult, and he has love for her as they do everything together. However, he ended his little speech by saying that from what he knows, yes.

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