Unite Union Calls Off Airport Strike

Helen Young

According to recent reports, the Unite trade union has just recently reached an agreement over pay disputes with the airport operator that it was suppose to be taking industrial action against. This is great news as it now averts the threat of a strike action that was going to take place later this month.

During talks that were sponsored by the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service, both sides agreed on a deal in principle. Although a deal has been reached, the members of the union will now have to vote on it. However, the good news is that the union is recommending this offer.

This discussion follows a ballot that was held last week by staff at six UK airports. The airports that were going to be effective by this strike included Heathrow and Stansted. The airport operator did note that, unlike the airlines that had to deal with strike actions, it would not be able to continue to operate if its staff went on strike. Staff that was due to strike at these airports included fire fighters, security staff and engineers.

The good news is that this deal stops a strike that would have more than likely taken place during the busy summer holiday season. Although unions choose to run their strikes during times that would hurt companies the most, it also hurts the consumer. That is one reason why unions have not been very popular in the airline industry this year. Too many strikes have disrupted travelers’ plans.

The airport operator went on to note that an agreement was reached over pay. This is a fair agreement that is, not only good for the staff, but also reflects the very difficult economic climate.

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