Big Brother Sees Things End Between John James and Josie

Tiffany Phillips

It now appears that Josie has just recently dumped her Big Brother love interest John James. The blonde flew into a rage at the housemate after growing tired of his bullying of Corin. However, she was also sick of his desire to suck up to all the other contestants.

Josie said that she does not want John James to speak to her for the rest of the show. Then she said, that her and John are done for.

When Sam had a go at Corin, Josie was very quick to stand up for her pal and tell the prankster to stop his behavior. However, the pair, who have had many falling outs since Sam entered the house, continued to fight. Then Josie turned her attentions to John James and blamed him for Sam’s ill feelings towards Corin.

Josie went onto say that the only reason he has a problem with Corin is because of John James. She said that those two attacked her yesterday morning. There is no need to carry on with it. Do not let him go in there and carry on the victim, because he is not the victim.

Before this big feud, John James had been dreaming about the Big Brother final. He had been plagued with thoughts of where the housemates would be placed in the final. Although John felt that Josie should win it, he feels that his own chances are very slim.

Thus, it is a sad day for this used to be couple. Of course, it does seem that Josie kind of overreacted and took things out on John James. More than likely, John James was blindsided by this. If she does try to get back with John James, who knows if he will after seeing how quickly she can blow up.

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