London Rail System Comes to a Grinding Halt Due to Strike

Dave Bond

Just recently, the London rail system came to a grinding halt. This was due to the fact that union members walked out on a 24-hour strike. Millions of rail passengers had their journeys disrupted after thousands of members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union, as well as the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, walked out due to 800 job cuts.

This strike is the second in the series led by the unions. The first one came back in September, and two more are planned for November if nothing gets worked out. This could caused even more travel chaos around the holiday season.

These two unions mounted picket lines outside Tube stations across the capital during the strike. This recent strike caused a lot of problems for the Monday rush hour and continued all the way until Monday evening.

Transport for London is laid on more than 100 extra buses. Volunteers were positioned at Tube, bus and rail stations to help commuters with their journeys and provide maps and other kinds of information. People who owned a bike were encouraged to cycle to work.

Transport for London said that London Underground ran one-third of its normal services during the walkout a month ago. They were able to carry more than a million people still. The official numbers for this new strike are not up yet.

The general secretary of the Rail, Maritime, and Transport Union, Bob Crow, said that London Underground put passengers’ safety at risk by using undertrained staff during the strikes. They claim that the bosses are playing a very dangerous game right now.

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