Mardan Palace Grand Opening In Antalya, Turkey

Tiffany Phillips

The Mardan Palace, a $1.4 billion luxury resort, was unveiled just the other night at an opening party in Antalya, Turkey. The turnout of the party included over 600 international dignitaries, as well as celebrities. The guests were able to dine on top of the Mediterranean’s largest swimming pool and enjoying some great performances from Tom Jones and Mariah Carey. Some guests that showed up at the grand opening of Mardan Palace included Paris Hilton, Sharon Stone, and Richard Gere.
The guests that attended the opening of the hotel also got to see fireworks and a laser light show as they dined on Atlantic lobster and Black diamonds, which is an Italian black truffle.

The Mardan Palace represents Turkey’s first five star destination resort. The hotel was the vision of Telman Ismailov, who is the chairman of Russia’s biggest developers AST. The hotel has 560 rooms and includes two royal suites that come with private pools.

The architecture of the hotel keeps Turkish heritage in mind and has helped the hotel reflect distinctive landmarks located around Istanbul. The main hotel resembles the Dolmabahce Palace, and the bridges across the pool are based on the design of the Da Vinci Bridge.

The Mardan Palace also boasts a 7500sqm spa, as well as 17 bars and 10 different restaurants, including Japanese, Russian, French, and Thai style. Rooms at the hotel range from €360 per night up to €14,000 per night. The most costly rooms are, of course, the ones that come with the private pools.

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