British Husband Pays £1,400 to Have his Wife Killed on South Africa Honeymoon

Sharon Miller

It now seems that the British husband of the bride that was hijacked and killed on their honeymoon in Cape Town, South Africa has been accused of paying for the attack. The claim was made by the prosecutor at the Western Cape High Court.

The South African prosecuting authority accused the British man of paying two hit-men around £1,400 to murder his wife. Of course, the British man has always denied any involvement in her death from the first day.

The bride’s father, Vinod Hindocha, flew in from his home in Sweden to hear state prosecutor Rodney de Kock outline the case implicating his son-in-law. This big twist came as the prosecutor outlined the terms of a plea bargain deal agreed upon with Zola Tongo, the taxi driver hired by Shrien Dewani to drive the couple around on the day of the murder.

Dewani’s spokesman, Max Clifford, indicated the other day that his client understood that the accusation would be made but insisted it has absolutely no substance to it at all. The newlyweds were hijacked on the evening of Saturday November 13. This happened just a few days into their luxury South African honeymoon.

The couple was driving back to their five-star hotel in Cape Town when they took a detour through Gugulethu townships. It was at this point that two gunmen hijacked the taxi. According to Dwani, after they had robbed the couple of their money, the men kicked him out of the taxi.

His wife’s body was found several hours later in the taxi. She had been abandoned and shot in the neck. Three men have been arrested in connection with the incident.

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