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In January, Dave King launched Digitalis Media, which will be able to provide online reputation management services for consumer brands, business leaders, and even celebrities. After taking over half of Harrison Moscow Communications, this new service will be able to link traditional PR with online SEO. These two things combined will help in delivering the best online reputation management alongside digital marketing solutions on the internet to day.

Just before Dave King launched Digitalis Media, he was the CEO of all of the Engine Group’s digital agencies. Dave, who frequently speaks about industry issues, had also spent the last year advising G2 (WPP) on their digital strategy.

Mr King said: “Clients focus on the fact that we make the bad stuff go away on Google. However, online reputation management is so much more than that; from tracking negative comments on blogs to amplifying positive consumer reviews.”

A host of analysts can be found employed at Digitalis Media. However, Dave also wanted to be able to provide financial projections, as well as business modeling, for online retail businesses. This kind of projection is done using methodologies designed by Dave and what he likes to call, “far cleverer people than me.”

King’s co shareholders include Joel Cadbury, as well as brothers Mark and Alan Wogan. Of course, Digitalis Media also boasts a very impressive senior team as well. This includes COO Mark Sait, who use to be the COO of Evryx and iBAHN. Also on board is James Harrison who was the former CEO of Harrison Moscow Communications.

Profiles of both Dave King and Digitalis Media can be found on Linkedin.

For more information visit: www.digitalismedia.co.uk

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