Fairmont Hotels Add Eco Friendly IT Strategies

Sharon Miller


Fairmont Hotels just announced that it will be adding eco friendly IT strategies to the company’s partnership environmental program. It will also be developing power management, procurement and recycling plans for its facilities.

The IT component will be the latest development in the Fairmont Hotels environmental initiative. This plan, which launches this summer, will continue to roll out more ideas for the rest of the year. The whole plan will encompass a large list of activities that are intended to conserve energy for all of their hotels. The company wants to do whatever they can to reduce their carbon footprint.

Something that Fairmont Hotels will be doing to save money includes having their computes and workstations power down after an hour of inactivity. They say that this should help to reduce energy consumption for the whole company by about 2,692,683 KwH per year. It will also produce a savings of about 1,356 tonnes of CO2 a year.

This new procurement policy is already expected to require IT products to Energy Star rated, or at least rated according to the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool.

Fairmont Hotels says that this is something that a lot of companies should be doing. They feel that all companies are going to have to step up and do what they can to help save the planet that we all live on. They go on to say that too many companies just expect others to do things to help the environment. However, it’s that kind of thinking that got us in the spot that we are all in today. For a change to come about, everyone is going to have to do their part.

For more information visit: www.fairmont.com

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