Ryanair Unafraid of Iceland Volcano and Conducts a Test Flight

Robert Jones

Many airlines have admitted that they are upset by the latest reports on the Iceland volcano that has just recently erupted. This new eruption, which came from the Iceland volcano of Grimsvotn, has caused the cancellation of more than 250 flights so far. However, apparently there are some airlines that are simply not prepared to put up with it. Ryanair just so happens to be one of those airlines.

Now the boss of Ryanair, Michael O’Leary, is well-known for causing controversy. Whether he is doing this because it is the way that he actually feels or he is just trying to get some face time in the press for Ryanair, his motives are unknown.

This time O’Leary finds himself in the press after he dismissed the ash cloud from Grimsvotn as being, “non-existent.” In fact, he went on to say that the canceling of flights has been misguided. He proved this by running his own test flight at 41,000 feet with no problems.

Apparently this test flight was carried out over the “red zone” in Scotland. O’Leary said that he wanted to do this test flight in order to show the “mythical and misguided invention” of the UK Met Office and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Other airlines, however, have already started to cancel flights. British Airways has started to cancel flights between London and Scotland. They did this after the Civil Aviation Authority said that the ash cloud was moving unpredictably and changed by the hour. However, the Met Office did note that this ash cloud was more than likely going to miss the London area.

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