Rally Against New High Speed Rail Link in Italy Leads to 200 People Injured

Helen Young

According to new reports, some two hundred people, mostly police officers, were very badly injured as a rally against a high speed rail link in northern Italy took place on Sunday. As the rally took place clashes broke out between protesters and officers.

Most of the people who were hurt during the protest were officers. In fact, official reports show that about 188 officers were hurt and just about a dozen protesters. People started getting injured after a small group of people stormed a tunnel, which was part of the work site at Chiomonte.

The fights between police and protestors actually continued throughout most of the day. During this time police used tear gas to get people under control. However, protestors used stones and Molotov cocktails to fight back. In the end, the police only arrested about five people. The president of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano condemned the violence. Overall, most people felt it was shameful to see Italians acting in such a way.

Of course, protesters had a different telling of the story. They said that tens of thousands of people had gathered peacefully from surrounding regions to stop this construction. However, a small band of people did break away from the main group and entered the gated work site guarded by hundreds of police.

However, it is not likely that these protests are going to stop this high speed rail from being built. In fact, this project was first agreed on by both Italy and France back in 2001.Overall, the event should slice about three hours off the current seven-hour train journey between Paris and Milan.

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