Gill’s Cruise Centre Goes Under, Causing Many to Lose Jobs

Stewart Perry

According to reports, tens of thousands of holidaymakers are about to be upset. This news comes in as Gill’s Cruise Centre announced to the world that it has now ceased trading. Or to put it simply, it is going under. Thousands of people have already booked with this once leading cruise specialist, and it is unlikely that they are going to get to enjoy their cruises.

Recently Gill’s Cruise Centre was thrown out of the ABTA, which is a travel association. It was rumored that the company had more than £10 million in debt. Pretty much, the company had climbed into a hole that it was unable to get itself out of.

This company, which is based in Cardiff, has only suspended its sales as of last Thursday. This happened after several major cruise lines stopped accepting bookings that were made via this agency. Due to the closing of this company, some 100 staff members are thought to have already lost their jobs.

Apparently Gill’s Cruise Centre’s business approach did not work. The company was trying to combine some very big discounts with some very heavy press advertising. In the end, the company was simply not making enough to stay afloat.

Some, although very few, staff members remained at work on Friday to deal with customers’ calls. However, after 5pm on Friday no number at the company was being answered. The head of communications at ABTA, Victoria Bacon, said that they are treating Gill’s Cruise Centre as a financial failure and, as such, have withdrawn their membership and they are no longer part of the ABTA group.

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