UK Rail Companies Respond to High Speed Rail Details

Tiffany Phillips

Now in response to the launch of the high speed rail UK campaign, the chief executive of the Association of Train Operating Companies, Michael Robers, said that high speed rail can bring major benefits to passengers. He noted that it will also bring great benefits to the environment and the economy as well.

Michael went on to say that it will take a very long time to get high speed trains up and running between all of the major cities, but it’s still good to plan for tomorrow’s railways today. Of course, the money that is set aside for new high speed lines must allow for some much needed investments in other rail projects as well. This is to ensure that there is no part of the rail network that gets left behind. Michael said that it is very vital that the decisions about destinations, which could be served by high speed rail, are based on very sound business cases.

Of course, Michael, just like many other people, feels that the passengers’ needs must come first. It is very essential that we think about not just the new line, but also about the on board journey, station, and the ticket prices of such a line. This is the only way to make sure that high speed trains work for everyone.

Michael did note that they will continue to work with the government, Network Rail, as well as others to look at how high speed rails can improve Britain’s railways. They will also figure out how they can get this done quickly, but still allow the rest of the railways to not get left behind.

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