Virgin Atlantic Now Allows Passengers to Use Mobile Phones

Robert Jones

There used to be a time when using a mobile phone on a plane was unthinkable. However, that time has long since passed thanks to Virgin Atlantic. Now, passengers are going to be able to use their mobile phones on Virgin Atlantic flights much like they can use their phones on a bus or train.

According to reports, the airline said it will be the first British carrier to allow passengers to use their mobile phones during flights. Apparently, consumers will be able to make calls, use the internet, and even receive text messages. To start with, this service will be offered for the airline’s London to New York route.

Keep in mind, this service will be offered on the airline’s Boeing 747 planes. According to the airline, by 2012, nearly 20 planes will provide this service to consumers. The new mobile phone system will be available throughout all cabins on the plane, but it is targeted more at business travelers who cannot afford to miss calls.

There are some restrictions, as one may assume. For example, this service is not permitted during landing or take-off. Also, due to American laws, this phone service has to be turned off around 250 miles from United States airspace. Either way, this service will prove to be very valuable to business travelers who need to make calls in-flight.

Steve Griffiths, who is the chief operating officer for Virgin Atlantic, said that they have listened to what consumers want. Being able to stay connected in the air is always on the wish list.

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