Heathrow Airport Could Soon be Known as a Local Airport

Tiffany Phillips

When people think of Heathrow Airport, they think of an international powerhouse. However, according to industry experts, that may soon change in just a few years. The only way that such a fate could be avoided is if the government could solve the aviation crisis that is currently crimping this airport.

Experts of the aviation industry have already been warning Prime Minister David Cameron about the possible fate of Heathrow Airport. Some people are even saying that this international hub could soon be known as nothing more than a local airport. This could happen as soon as 2027 if something is not known. This would in turn hurt London’s economy. Experts also believe that time is running out to solve this problem before it is too late.

Heathrow Airport is already at maximum capacity. This means, the airport is not able to accept new routes at this time. Rival airports, on the other hand, are seeing a huge increase in the number of passengers they are receiving. It is believed that the number of frequent flights and the number of destinations served by Heathrow Airport will start to decline if nothing is done.

Willie Walsh, who is the chief executive of the International Airlines Group, said that he has seen no evidence that the government appreciates the importance of the aviation industry in the UK. The rest of the world is securing infrastructures to make sure their economies continue to grow. However, Britain seems to be doing the opposite.

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