163 People Die in Dana Airlines Crash

Helen Young

Recently, a sad event has taken place. Apparently, 163 people in Nigeria were killed when a Dana Airlines passenger plane slammed into a suburb in Lagos. This has now been classified as the world’s deadliest airline crash as of late. To make matters worse, the area that the plane crashed into was a heavily populated suburb.

The plane that was involved in the crash was a Boeing MD-83. So far, reports have confirmed that all the 146 passengers and seven staff members on board were killed. Authorities also noted that at least 10 people on the ground were killed as well. Apparently, the crash happened as the plane was attempting to make its approach into the Murtala Muhammed Airport on a flight from Abjua.

The pilot of the plane was apparently from the United States. His co-pilot was from India. Thus, this is a terrible event for more than just one country. Many people around the world feel the pain that this event has caused.

Tony Usidamen, who is a spokesman for Dana Airlines, said that there have been no survivors found. He also went on to say that they have recovered 94 bodies so far. It is not yet known how long it will take to recover the remaining bodies.

Reports suggest that this is the worst civilian air disaster in this area since back in 1973. In fact, back in January of 1973, a plane that was carrying 176 people went down in the northern city of Kano. That plane crash killed everyone on board.

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