Massive Strike and Protest across Europe Hurts the Travel Industry

Abi Bray

The travel industry in Europe has found itself under fire yet again. This time, it is being hurt by a huge strike that is taking place across all of Europe. No, that was not a mistype. This strike is taking place in some 23 countries all at the same time. Although some areas are being hit harder than others, the strike is causing problems all over the world.

In the UK, there have been a number of airports that have already been announcing cancellations and delays. For example, Heathrow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Manchester and Gatwick have all announced problems. If anyone is going to be arriving or departing from these airports, it is in their best interest to call ahead of time.

The rail industry has been on its toes as well. Just yesterday, Eurostar threatened to cancel its London-Brussels route. In the end, it did announce that the route was going to run normally. However, the damage had already been done. Some people had already canceled their tickets and found alternative means of travel.

The strike action was thanks to the European Trade Union Confederation. This is the group that worked hard to co-ordinate a day of action across all of Europe. Of course, some areas had bigger problems than others. For example, in Spain and Portugal, it was not just their transportation system that got hurt. Reports show that businesses and schools were also closed down for the day. This of course means that some parents were forced to stay home with their kids, because they could not leave them home alone.

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