Luton Airport Evacuated in Weekend Security Alert

Dave Bond

The airline industry has enough problems to deal with right now to be dealing with delays because of security alerts. Unfortunately, that is just what happened at Luton Airport over the weekend of September 6 and 7. According to reports, the airport had to be evacuated as a result of a security problem. This evacuation caused air problems for thousands of passengers trying to fly in and out of the airport.

A spokesperson for Luton Airport said that it had to evacuate one of the terminals. The security alert was caused by a suspicious item that was found during a security search of the area. Since Luton Airport doesn’t take any chances, the terminal where the item was found had to be completely evacuated. The airport always puts people’s safety first. The spokesperson added that police were called to the airport to ensure the safety of staff and passengers.

At the time of this writing, the airport hadn’t commented on what the item was. Police are believed to still be looking into the matter. However, sources close to the airport indicate that they don’t believe it was a bomb or any kind of weapon. They were unable to comment any further on what they thought it was.


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