Man Sentenced to Life in Jail After Killing Lover in Knife Attack at Britannia Hotel

Helen Young

In March, Gurminder Singh from London attacked his lover in a Wolverhampton hotel room. Reports show that he stabbed the mother-of-two to death with a knife at the Britannia Hotel. Now, the man has been sentenced to life in jail.

The woman who was killed was Amandeep Kaur Hothi. She was a travel agent from Smethwick. The courts ruled that Singh has to serve the next 24 years in prison. This was the ruling that was handed down to him after a nine-day trial.

According to reports, Singh traveled to London to meet Hothi. The pair, who were both 29, had been talking for months. When Singh traveled to London, he was under the impression that she was single. After discovering the truth, Singh became very unstable. He took a knife and stabbed her to death in the hotel room where they met. He eventually called the police the following morning. When the ambulance arrived at the room, Hothi was already dead. She was killed by a knife wound to the throat.

During the trial, Singh tried to deny killing. Hothi. By the end, he admitted that he did kill his former lover, but it was in a fit of madness. The husband of Hothi, Pal, said that their family has been left traumatized. He said that they are very heartbroken at the loss of Hothi.


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