Lufthansa Pilot Strike Affects 2,100 Flights

Abi Bray

As if the travel industry didn’t have enough to worry about with the Ebola outbreak, now travelers are being hit by strikes. A Lufthansa pilot strike has affected nearly 2,100 flights. This has put a lot of extra pressure on the rail system in Germany, nearly crippling it.

The strike is believed to have affected nearly 200,000 travelers. The strike, which was supposed to be over, was expanded Oct. 20 to include another one-day walkout today, Oct. 21. The goal of extending the strike was to put even more pressure on management to meet their demands.

The union involved in the strike, the Vereinigung Cockpit union, said that the strike has caused at least 35 hours of stoppages at Lufthansa. This was announced on the afternoon of Oct. 20 in reference to the short-haul fleet. The strike scheduled to take place today will also affect the long-haul flights.

The airline said that it canceled just more than 1,500 short-haul flights. That being said, the airline said that it will still be able to operate at least 700 flights, which is just about one-third of all of its services. This was thanks to volunteers who have stepped up to help relieve as much travel chaos as possible.

For the people who have been left stranded as a result of canceled flights, the airline has offered to provide them with hotel rooms. So far, the airline has had to book nearly 4,000 hotel rooms for the stranded passengers.


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