Starwood Hotels and Resorts Gives Customers a Chance to Unlock Their Rooms Using Smartphones

Stewart Perry

The age of technology has really changed the way people go about their daily lives. This includes the way people travel. Now, Starwood Hotels and Resorts hopes to change the way that people check into their hotel rooms. They will do this by allowing people to use their smartphones to bypass having to check in when they arrive at their hotels.

According to Starwood, it will be updating nearly 30,000 rooms at 150 hotels to use this new smartphone-unlocking system. The system will rely on Bluetooth technology to allow for communication between the doors and the phones. The developer of the technology said that it’s extremely secure. The information to get into the room is sent over an encrypted channel to ensure that thieves cannot abuse the new technology.

Of course, Starwood is not the only hotel group that has plans to do this. Hilton Worldwide, which is one of its biggest rivals, has already made it clear that it will make a similar move early next year. However, Hilton said that it will add this feature to nearly 600,000 rooms.

Not everyone is sold on this method of opening hotel room doors. Professor Alan Woodward from the University of Surrey said that nothing is 100 percent secure. This new technology is going to become an extremely tasty target for hackers. It might be more secure than the standard swipe cards that are currently used by hotels, but the use of rotating keys and AES encryption doesn’t mean that there is no way for hackers to get into people’s rooms.


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