Thai AirAsia Flight Forced to Turn Around After Staff Assaulted With Hot Water

Tiffany Phillips

There are a lot of different reasons why a plane could be forced to turn around. For the people aboard a Thai AirAsia flight from Bangkok to China, the flight was forced to turn around after a flight attendant was assaulted by a passenger with hot water.

The airline, which is a budget carrier, said that a passenger on the flight scalded a crew member with hot water. The other flight attendants did their best to give the staff member first aid, and the pilot quickly turned the plan around to Bangkok.

Instant noodles were thrown at the crew member, along with super-heated water. There was also a video that was posted to the Internet showing the same man standing up inside the cabin and making threats to bomb the plane. However, AirAsia didn’t make any kind of mention of a bomb threat when reporting the assault.

Due to events happening like this in the past, new guidelines have been issued to Chinese tourists on how they should behave on planes. In February 2014, a Chinese tour group was forced to leave a China Eastern Airlines flight after they started to fight over seating arrangements.

Thailand, unfortunately, cannot ban flights to China as a result of this bad behavior because Chinese tourists represent the biggest share of all tourism in Thailand. The airlines hope that these new guidelines will help, but staff crew members are not so sure.


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