Orbitz and United Airlines Attack Skiplagged Website

Robert Jones

Should would-be travelers have the right to find the lowest fares when searching for plane tickets online? Well, it seems that United Airlines and Orbitz don’t seem to think so. These two travel companies have launched legal action against a website called Skiplagged.

The goal of this website is to help passengers find cheap airfares to cities by looking at other flights that have stopovers. For example, maybe a passenger is looking for a flight form Atalanta to Orlando. The flight could cost tons of money, but a flight from Atlanta to Miami with a stopover in Orlando could be cheaper. The passenger could book that flight but never get back on the second plane after disembarking in Orlando.

In some cases, booking flights like this can save a traveler up to 40 percent. This is because airlines often cut the price of their tickets if passengers have to do a layover. However, passengers are figuring out that they could save money by just getting off at the stopover point.

In order to do this, however, passengers have to carry their bags onto the plane. They aren’t able to check their luggage. If they check their bags, the luggage will end up in the final destination rather than the layover point.

United Airlines and Orbitz, however, say that this is intentionally maliciously. This method of purchasing airfares isn’t only allowing travelers to buy cheaper tickets in bad ways; it’s also interfering with contracts that travel firms make with their partners.


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