Kingfisher Airlines In Civil Suit for Failing to Pay Debts of Rs 294 Crore

Helen Young

It seems that Kingfisher Airlines finds itself in the news yet again. Unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons. The Airports Authority of India has just filed a new civil suit against the floundering airline. This case was filed in the Bombay High Court because Kingfisher Airlines hasn’t cleared its back debt of more than Rs 294 crore.

The chairman of Kingfisher Airlines, Vijay Mallya, and a number of other executives at the carrier, have been named as defendants in this suit. These defendants have already been asked by the court to respond to the AAI’s claims.

It’s odd to see Kingfisher Airlines attacked now. After all, it first suspended all of its operations in October 2012. Since then, the airline had a lapse in its operator permit in December 2014. This airline, if it can even still be called that, hasn’t been flying passengers for more than two years now.

That being said, the AAI said that it won’t allow Kingfisher Airlines’ debts go unpaid. Apparently, this airport operator said that the airline still owes Rs 294 crore in fees and interest whether or not it’s still flying.

This isn’t the first lawsuit that Kingfisher Airlines has been hit with. The troubled airline was hit with lawsuits from other airports for bouncing cheques. With the carrier having no more money coming in, it’s basically just a shell of a company.


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