Mango Bay Hotel Receives Bad Feedback on TripAdvisor After Wedding

Abi Bray

It’s not uncommon for bad hotels to be outed by reviews on TripAdvisor. In fact, that is why TripAdvisor is such a respected site. People can go on there and tell other travelers to think twice before staying at a certain hotel. Now, it looks like another hotel has been thrown into the doghouse after a wedding at the Mango Bay Hotel. While the newlyweds and their guests enjoyed themselves, it seems that the other guests did not.

Newlywed couple Karen and Robert Whitaker stayed at the Mango Bay Hotel with around 60 guests. Soon after the newlyweds returned to Britain, they found reviews on TripAdvisor that clearly showed that everyone else at the hotel didn’t enjoy themselves as much.

Some people ended up giving the hotel bad reviews due to the wedding guests. One person said that the hotel should have gotten five stars, but the wedding party ruined and spoiled the serenity that this place is supposed to offer.

Another review said that a person showed up with a very loud fiancee from Essex. They caused a lot of havoc and ruined the trip for everyone. They drank and shouted late into the night. One of the reviewers said that she even asked a security guard to tell the wedding party to keep it down. However, they could be heard throughout the night.

Should a hotel be given bad reviews because of what other guests do while they are there? Some think so. At the very least, they feel the hotel should be able to control their guests.

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