Airport Scanned Chihuahua Sends Bulgarian To Prison

Abi Bray

When Dublin airport security employees detected the silhouette of an animal appearing in an x-ray scan of a luggage piece, they first believed it was just a simple stuffed toy dog.

The bag was the property of a Bulgarian traveller who had just landed in Ireland after a flight from Madrid. The passenger’s luggage was x-rayed in the usual scanning procedure, and officials at the airport say security staff immediately imagined he bag only contained a stuffed animal.

But airport staff decided to open the bag for further inspection and were stunned to find what was revealed to be a real breathing, living dog. The little Chihuahua, seemingly in good health, appeared slightly dazed following the short-haul flight.

The Chihuahua was immediately placed in quarantine at the Department of Agriculture and Food and its master Bulgarian, who had attempted to illegally smuggle an animal into Ireland, was arrested.

The tiny animal had been placed in cage small enough to fit in the handbag and flown all the way from the Spanish capital.

In recent years, airports around the world had tightened their security measures and introduced a myriad of new developments. Although the vast majority of passengers have to deal with liquid restrictions and further annoying security measures at check points, it’s simply amazing to see a live Chihuahua somehow go through the regiment of security steps completely undetected at Madrid airport.

The liquid security measures, put in place since the uncovering of a transatlantic bomb plot in 2006 in the UK, mean people travelling by air are not permitted to bring bottles of a certain size inside the cabin of the aircraft.


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