World Cup in South Africa will Have Plenty of Hotels

Helen Young

As of right now, South Africa is expecting about 450,000 visitors for the World Cup. This is going to be a big boost to South Africa’s tourism industry. However, one thing that people are worried about is the fact that there may not be enough hotels for everyone, but organizers are trying their best to reassure everyone that there will be enough hotels. Of course, it does seem like not all of the hotels will be located in host cities on match days.

The rising surge in demand during the South African winter, which is typically a low season for tourism, has sent prices on hotels shooting up almost six times their normal rate. This has now raised some fears that South Africa could miss out on a chance to market itself as a tourist spot if it scares away return visitors with high prices.

As of right now, South Africa already receives about nine million tourists a year, and the country has more than 200,000 rooms available. This information came by way of Rich Mkhondo, a spokesman for the Wold Cup organizers.

Some of the smaller host cities, like Polokwane and Nelspruit, will of course not have enough rooms. This goes double for times when the cities are hosting big games. However, Vivienne Bervoets, an accommodation manager at FIFA’s hospitality scheme known as Match, says that South Africa has more than enough rooms if they are used right.

As of right now, Match is still 8,000 short of the 55,000 rooms it wants to book. She went on to say that they are even booking private homes to rent for some fans.

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