Ice and snow storm creates havoc in central France

Tiffany Phillips

Paris was braced for an epic snow storm on Wednesday. The conditions forced authorities to ban trucks from motorways and numerous flight cancellations were expected as some of the worst weather experienced in northern Europe in decades translated into treacherous travel.

The authorities operating the road networks in France road issued a formal ban for all heavy commercial road traffic beginning at midnight until noon on Wednesday in eight departments surrounding the French capital because of a fresh storm threatening the city.

Icy sheets were causing concern due to their hazardousness.

In both northern and central France, fifty-eight departments received the orange alert from Meteo France.

At Charles De Gaulle Airport, the main air facility in Paris, nearly half of all passenger flights were expected to be cancelled as a strike was making things worst.

At the other large airport in the capital, Orly airport, traffic was also reduced by fifty percent.

According to the DGAC, air traffic would be even further disrupted because of a two-day airport strike battling reforms of the air transport industry in many cities.

Industrial action is everywhere these days. On Tuesday, about 60 employees went off the job at Meteo France to protest move against reorganisation plans which have been suggested by the network. Union sources claimed that the strike forced several departmental centres in the west of the country to close.

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