Premier Inn Rolls Out New Green Hotel Proposal

Dave Bond

It seems that Whitbread, which is the UK’s leading hotel and restaurant group, has confirmed details of its new plans for a second green hotel and its first ever low carbon restaurant. These new green projects are set to open up in Burgess Hill in West Sussex.

The Burgess Hill Premier will represent the latest evolution in environmentally friendly budget hotels. It follows Whitbread’s pioneering green hotel in Tamworth, Staffordshire. This was the UK’s first green budget hotel, and it opened its doors to guests back in December of 2008.

This new hotel in Burgess Hill will have 60 rooms. It is due to open up in Autumn of this year and will adopt the best performing green technologies trialed in Tamworth to deliver 70 percent carbon and 60 percent water savings.

Just adjacent to this 60 room hotel will be Whitbread’s first attempt to build a low carbon restaurant. This will be a 220 cover Beefeater open grill restaurant. It will be the perfect place for people to eat whenever they are staying at the Premier Inn.

This new investment is part of Whitebread’s corporate sustainability program called Good Together. This launched back in December of 2009, along with a pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 26 percent in 2020. Some of the features that will be included in this new hotel include things like a ground source heat pump and rainwater harvesting.

The hotel will also feature high efficiency thermal insulation and low flow shower heads delivering the feel and effect of a powerful shower without the associated water loss. The rooms will also have a heat recovery shower system that captures and reuses energy used by the boilers.

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