Ebookers Leads Orbitz in Transaction Growth

Tiffany Phillips

Well according to reports, ebookers is no longer struggling to find its place in the travel industry. In fact, these reports go on to suggest that ebookers led Orbitz in worldwide transaction growth in the fourth quarter of last year. The Europe-based online travel agency saw transactions for the company climb an amazing 37 percent. Net revenue of the company jumped by 60 percent.

The CEO and President of Orbitz, Barney Harford, said that they are happy with ebookers’s consolidated platform and streamlined management. He went on to say that ebookers is a very good full service OTA in its 12 European markets.

According to ebookers’s fourth quarter numbers, transactions grew by 37 percent. This, of course, rose its gross booking percentage to 42. The company also showed that “hotel room nights stay” increased by 69 percent. Overall, this led to net revenue increasing a whopping 60 percent.

Barney Harfod said that ebookers’s position is a very encouraging turnaround no matter how people look at it. He said that ebookers has shown their strength in, not only air and hotel bookings, but car hire and dynamic packaging as well.

Of course, all of this talk about increases brings up a very good question. Why are sites like Orbitz and ebookers now doing so good? Well this has a lot to do with the recent recession that the world went through. This recession has now changed the way that people travel forever. Many travelers used to be fine with paying high prices for car hire, hotels and air tickets. However, now these same consumers know that they can save if they book packages and find other great deals though sites like ebookers. By the end of last year, people were well aware of the savings that these sites could bring them.

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