Travelodge Ad Banned For Being Misleading

Dave Bond

The well known budget hotel chain, Travelodge, has just recently had one of their ad campaigns banned for being misleading. Apparently this ad campaign compared its prices to that of its rival Premier Inn. The national ad had the headline of “Travelodge. Big Cities, Small Prices.” However, the ad got into trouble when it showed a table that compared its Travelodge prices to that of Premier Inn.

After seeing the ad, Premier Inn of course challenged whether the ad was misleading. Premier Inn went on to say that they believed that the price comparison was not fair and was in no way accurate. Partly, this was because it was structured so that Premier Inn’s promotional rates were not included. It also did not make sufficiently clear that the Travelodge prices shown included its promotional rates.

However, Premier Inn did not stop there. They went on to say that the ad did not make sufficiently clear that the Travelodge prices applied only to online bookings. They also noted that it did not set out how the comparison could be verified.

Travelodge shot back and said that its price data for hotels across the UK had been sourced on their behalf by an independent market intelligence provider. They extracted data from Travelodge’s website and those of their competitors daily to obtain a total of over 1,300 room prices. This included 569 rooms in the Premier Inn chain and 369 from Travelodge.

Travelodge also pointed out that the small print in the ad says that quoted prices are an average of each brand’s room rates for stays between 7 and 30 days after the price check. Travelodge said that they were not currently running the price comparison press ad; however, if they did so in the future, they would include text to explain that a list of the hotels used in calculating the price averages could be obtained by writing to them.

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