Ever wanted to sleep underwater? No, not sleeping with the fish underwater, but sleeping in a hotel that is built beneath the waves. Now people can do just that, but they are going to have to travel. According to reports, the Manta Resort in Africa has just launched Africa’s first underwater hotel room. Of course, [...]

Luton Airport Evacuated in Weekend Security Alert

Posted on: September 9th, 2014 Posted by Dave Bond

The airline industry has enough problems to deal with right now to be dealing with delays because of security alerts. Unfortunately, that is just what happened at Luton Airport over the weekend of September 6 and 7. According to reports, the airport had to be evacuated as a result of a security problem. This evacuation [...]

Model Brittny Gastineau Attacked in Hotel Room

Posted on: June 17th, 2014 Posted by Dave Bond

The investigation into an attack on model Brittny Gastineau is still ongoing. The model, a good friend of Kim Kardashian, was attacked in her room at The London Hotel in West Hollywood. This attack happened nearly a week ago, and pictures of the attack started to pop up on the Internet. The photos show Gastineau [...]

There are a lot of different reasons to visit a hotel. However, one of those reasons is generally not because of a dog. People have been returning time and time again to the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston for the past 10 years to see a black Labrador named Catie Copley. This dog was [...]

Alton Towers Gets More Than 2,000 People Apply for Jobs

Posted on: December 18th, 2013 Posted by Dave Bond

One of the biggest attractions for Brits and tourists to visit in the UK is Alton Towers. Recently, this theme park announced that it was expanding its staff and looking to hire at least 1,200 people. It looks as if Alton Towers will have no trouble filling these spots after 2,000 people applied for the [...]

United Airlines Mix-up Lands Some Passengers Free Tickets

Posted on: September 17th, 2013 Posted by Dave Bond

If there is one thing better than traveling, it is traveling for free. Well, that is what some United Airlines passengers are getting to do. This happened after a United Airlines mix-up saw the airline giving out free tickets for a few hours. This includes tickets that cost $0 to places like Las Vegas and [...]