It seems that Kingfisher Airlines finds itself in the news yet again. Unfortunately, it’s for all the wrong reasons. The Airports Authority of India has just filed a new civil suit against the floundering airline. This case was filed in the Bombay High Court because Kingfisher Airlines hasn’t cleared its back debt of more than [...]

In March, Gurminder Singh from London attacked his lover in a Wolverhampton hotel room. Reports show that he stabbed the mother-of-two to death with a knife at the Britannia Hotel. Now, the man has been sentenced to life in jail. The woman who was killed was Amandeep Kaur Hothi. She was a travel agent from [...]

If there was any doubt that the new trams in Edinburgh would be popular, all of those doubts have now been cast aside. Reports from the city show that there were nearly 40,000 people that traveled on the trams last weekend, which was its grand opening. People were queued up to ride the new trams [...]

Southwest Airlines Plans on Going International

Posted on: January 29th, 2014 Posted by Helen Young

It looks like people all over the world may soon be flying with Southwest Airlines. This news has emerged because the carrier is planning to adventure outside U.S. airspace and into other parts of the world. To start with, the airline is going to start offering flights to cities in the Caribbean. These flights will [...]

It now appears that Hertz has been forced to lower its yearly projected profits. According to the car rental giant, these lower predictions are due to weak consumer confidence. However it is not seeing a lack of interest from the leisure industry but in the corporate sector. This is because companies are not looking to [...]

It seems that a trial has finally come to an end for a Pennsylvania couple that was arrested some time ago. Apparently, the couple was charged with child neglect and held by police until their trial. However, thanks to a plea deal, this couple will not see any more time behind bars. According to reports, [...]