People who are traveling to Europe and renting cars better be ready to pay rates that are higher than usual. This is because several car hire companies are adding a “winterization charge” to many of their vehicles. A lot of the problem is that snow chains and winter tires are compulsory in some areas. This [...]

How much is a bottle of water worth? For people staying at the Wellesley Hotel in Knightsbridge, it’s going to cost more than a bottle of champagne. At least, that is what one businessman found out after holding a client meeting there. Businessman Edward Heaton said that he decided to hold his client meeting at [...]

Tour operators are looking for anything that will get more people to travel again. This includes the general elections that will be taking place in India. The elections will be the largest democratic exercise that has been witnessed in history. As a result, tour operators believe that people from all over the world would like [...]

Ever wonder what the best and worst hotel chains are for holiday breaks? Which? has taken the guess work out of it for you. It did this by asking its members to rate their favorite and least favorite hotel chains in the UK. The survey involved 36 different hotel chains in the UK. The results [...]

According to police reports, another building collapsed this past Monday in India. This time it was the City Light Hotel in the Indian city of Secunderabad. The police reports go on to show that this collapse killed at least 12 people and injured 18 more. The hotel that collapsed was a two-story hotel. It is [...]

Recently, United Airlines messed up and stuck a dog on the wrong plane. The dog was supposed to head to Phoenix, Arizona from Newark International Airport. However, despite being correctly labeled, United Airlines’ staff failed to put the dog on the right flight, and he ended up getting sent to Ireland. Edith Lombardo, who is [...]