During this time of year, people love going to parks. It seems like it is just the prefect time of year. After all, who doesn’t like going to parks? Well, people may have a different view on the subject after finding out that seven people have become infected with a strain of E.coli after visiting [...]

According to reports from the United States, two travelers have already died from a very rare virus after visiting Yosemite National Park located in California. Officials from this park have warned that some 1,700 people who have camped at this park recently could have been exposed to this virus as well. The problem is, it [...]

Thousands of Turtle Eggs Crushed to Save Hotel

Posted on: July 11th, 2012 Posted by Dave Bond

Just recently, thousands of Leatherback turtle eggs were crushed by heavy machinery. Apparently, this all took place in one of the world’s densest nesting areas for Leatherback turtles. This announcement was made on Monday by conservationists. Apparently, bulldozers were attempting to redirect the Grand Riviere. This is a river that was shifting and threatening a [...]

Travelers who are thinking about taking a vacation may want to do some extra cleaning before doing so. This goes double for people who want to travel to their holiday destination by way of car. According to new research for retailer B&Q, car steering wheels have more germs on them than a public toilet seat. [...]

According to airline experts, airports and airlines have to start being realistic when it comes to trying to clear their backlog of snow delayed flights. Colin Matthews, when talking on Jeff Handall Live, said that it was crucial that passengers were told by airlines not to turn up to Heathrow terminals if they had no [...]

More Snow Causes Travel Chaos Across the UK

Posted on: December 20th, 2010 Posted by Helen Young

It now seems that snow has caused travel disruptions across the UK again. There seems to be no chance of a let up in the snow until early this week sometime. Experts in the UK are now stating that a white Christmas in the UK is very possible this year. Over the weekend, there were [...]